Find Godai’s 水 Water Bar Soap & Shampoo 0.75 oz sampler soap bar in bulk case packs. Water is the element that is necessary to all life on Earth, and our Water line of soaps mirrors this element through a hydrating mix of organic cocoa butter, shea butter, and kaolin clay to provide a smoother, healthier complexion.

  • Wholesale sample-sized bars are the perfect choice for bed & breakfasts, hotels, motels, and more
  • Sample-sized bars are the perfect choice for travel and in the hotel
  • Water Soap is exceptionally helpful for dry skin and hair types
  • Cocoa butter acts as a natural emollient that softens and soothes dry, irritated skin, and adds a protective, moisture-locking layer
  • Shea butter soaks deep into skin and hair to provide extra nourishment and hydration
  • White clay, or Kaolin clay, gently cleans, detoxifies, and exfoliates without absorbing the natural oils from the skin and hair to prevent dryness
  • Soothing, natural oils provide relaxing scents that won’t cause dryness
  • Use our soap & shampoo bar on the face, body, and hair for an overall hydrating experience
  • Certified Organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture
  • 100% Natural and GMO-Free
  • Vegan and Cruelty-free
  • Made in the USA.
水 Water Soap and Shampoo Bar Ingredients:

Saponified oils of sunflower*, coconut*, palm*, and safflower* (with retained glycerin); water; essential oils of tangerine, orange, and ylang ylang; kaolin clay; shea butter*; cocoa butter*; sweet almond oil*; apricot kernel oil; rosemary extract

*Certified Organic Ingredients