Private Label / Private Brand

Want your brand to stand out from the crowd?

Godai offers private labeling for any of our five quality natural soap lines made with certified organic ingredients. We can assist you in creating a label with your own personal brand and logo, whether you are a bed & breakfast looking to leave an impression on your customers, a store front trying to separate yourself from your competitors, or are just looking to leave your mark with a quality product.

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing private labelling:

  • Save time and resources as we handle the manufacturing process of a stand-out product, while you can still control the marketing, pricing, sales, and distribution.

  • Great marketing strategy to offer a high quality product with your name, logo, and/or brand.

  • Separates you from your competitors, allowing you to create your own image for better customer recognition and loyalty.

  • Private label allows you the flexibility to create packaging that caters towards your customer’s unique tastes.

  • Soaps that have your own unique packaging won’t need to directly compete head on with name brands.

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To find out more information on Private Labeling with Godai Soaps, please contact: [email protected]