Shampoo Bar FAQs

What are the benefits of switching to natural shampoo bars?

While browsing our products, you may have noticed that Godai Soaps are labeled as Soap and Shampoo Bars. So what is a shampoo bar? Before liquid detergents were invented and became popular in the 1940s, people used solid bars of soap to wash their hair. Now as people become more aware of the harmful effects...[Read More]

Is there a transition period for switching to natural shampoo bars?

Unfortunately, it isn’t always as easy as just tossing out your old synthetic liquid shampoo and diving in to using a solid bar. Although for some people it is, for many there is a bit of a transition period. How long the transition takes can depend upon hair length, amount of damage, amount of residue and buildup left by...[Read More]

How do you use a shampoo bar?

There are several techniques you can try for using a shampoo bar. It is important to find the method that works best for your hair needs. We recommend the first method for those transitioning to a natural shampoo for the first time...[Read More]

How can I speed up the transition process?

For people with particularly oily or waxy hair, hair prone to tangling, or hard water, a rinse may be used before, during, or after shampooing with a natural bar soap. While rinses of herbal teas, lemon juice, citric acid, or other natural ingredients may be used, the most common rinses use baking soda or...[Read More]

Are shampoo bars safe for color-treated hair?

Wondering if our natural soaps are okay for hair that has been color-treated, bleached, permed, or have had other similar treatments? A lot of people find that shampoo bars are gentler on treated hair, and many report that the color actually lasts longer in between treatments. However, you should keep in mind that...[Read More]